Network and System Laboratory

Department of Computer Science, NCTU


Network and System Laboratory (NSL) was founded by Professor Shie-Yuan Wang on February 1, 2000 at the department of computer science and information engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

NSL focuses on practically designing, implementing, simulating, experimenting, and measuring the performances of computer networks and systems. Using probability, statistics, or stochastic process to perform mathematical analyses is not NSL's preferred approach.

Using the OSI 7-layer reference model as a reference, the research topics studied by NSL ranges from the data-link layer (layer 2) up to the application layer (layer 7). Topics at the physical layer (layer 1) are not studied. At each layer between layer 2 and layer 7, NSL focuses on both protocol design and system implementation.

Information about NSL:
Room EC215, Engineering Building 3, NCTU
(03) 5712121 ext 54706